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Why nature is so beautiful?

por Karen Partain (2019-08-07)

Comparable to Seurats Pointillism, the artist engages both his palette and the spatial breadths of his landscapes on their own terms, confronting his paintings with questions to be answered through his process of close-up investigation, discovery, and interpretation of `found pixels. A final interpretation is given through the selection of paper with specific visual qualities, enhancing and reinforcing content.

Parc-nature_du_Bois-de-l-ile-Bizard_68.jIn the ultimate analysis, the problem of Natural degradation reduces itself to the question of re-ordering the relationship that has so far existed among the economic needs of man, the technological progress, and the nature but Nature, it seems is in no mood to stand any further abuses and excesses. And de nature man has now realised that he has to work with it and he will never tolerate the rape of Good Earth any further. IL is, at this point, that his aesthetic instinct will come to his rescue. After all, he is bringing about industrial progress with the aim of making the world a better, more beautiful and more comfortable place to live in. People have now thought that there is no rational alternative to working together to bring about some. Improvement in the Nature so that we and our children can lead a healthy life.

A mecca for wildlife, the park is home to various species of plants and wildlife, including 400 plants, 90 birds, 27 mammals, 19 reptiles and eight species of amphibians. To help you navigate the park, there are five signposted walks to choose from, ranging in distances from 2.5km to 7km.

Although Málaga is home to some of the worlds wildest parties, de nature there is much more to its wild side that can be found away from the bustling crowds. Here are some beautiful places to explore around Málaga (aside from the numerous beaches) that are sure to give you your nature fix.

The result is an organic, gestural response to the incessant stream of pixels delivered by 21st century digital mass media; a priori realities saturated with natural, often fantastic textures and colors simulate the sky, land, water, trees, and built features in familiar environments that are cherished by us all. In this way, the atmosphere of MVRs work becomes electrified with an over vitality, felt from the painted works broad, sweeping strokes down to the most minute and exact pixel configurations.

Located just an hours drive southwest along the coast in Estepona, Aloe Vera Finca is a farm dedicated to the cultivation, harvest and processing of the aloe vera plant. Aloe vera is used extensively worldwide as a cure for many ailments, including sunburn. (A useful plant to have in southern Spain!) At the farm you will learn everything there is to know about the many health properties and medicinal uses of the plant, and you may even be tempted to purchase one of your own to take home!

Will a heart full of love and affection beg the above from others or will be offering it to others?  Similarly, why a beautiful bird when it knows that it is the embodiment of boundless beauty, why should it admires and feels proud about it rather than offering the same feelings to others? 

You may wonder why I am sharing this with you. Is this really part of Personal Development? I think it is. I believe the world would be a better place if each of us had a respect and reverence for Nature. I feel those who respect God's creations will also respect the grandest of all of God's creations, Mankind. Thank you.

Only an hours drive north of Málaga is the Montes de nature Málaga Natural Park, a popular destination for local families seeking an escape from the city on weekends. It is here you will find nature at its best, with extensive Aleppo pine forests, small valleys, flowing rivers and waterfalls.

The largest of Michael Victor ª MVRs digital paintings, derived from artworks he paints with hard pastels and then scans, are experiments in a kind of Post-Impressionism. Instead of small markings of paint, MVRs landscapes develop instead from `found pixels in the image - tiny gridded color squares that make up scanned (now `rasterized) artwork.

As they say, we have not inherited this earth from our ancestors but have borrowed it from our children. We are, therefore, obliged to preserve what Charles Darwin called endless forms of most beautiful and most wonderful for the benefit of future generations. But what is man doing to his Mother Nature today! The forests are being slaughtered mercilessly to satisfy the needs of the teeming millions. With the vanishing of the forests, the surroundings are becoming concrete jungles. Moreover; the protective ozone layer is also being depleted which is going to affect more than half of the world population; So desperate are we to enjoy our today that tomorrow does not seem all that important. What is worse is that we have criminalised society and the violence we unleashed on Nature has left its brutal scars on us as well. The pollution of Ganga by the emissions from the Barauni Refinery, the mass poisoning of fish in the Rhine, the contamination of lake in Switzerland, the industrial waters setting in Norways famous fjords are alarming signals for man to realise what he is doing to Nature and retrospectively to himself. It Is by now fairly evident that we are polluting our Nature on an unprecedented scale and wrecking it in a way that makes regeneration impossible. .As a result, the marvellous creatures and plants dependent on the rich nature are limping towards extinction amid mans cruelty.

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